Today: 2018/11/14
नेपाल सरकार
भूमि व्यवस्था,सहकारी तथा गरिबी निवारण मन्त्रालय
भूमि व्यवस्थापन प्रशिक्षण केन्द्र
धुलिखेल, काभ्रे
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Geographical Location

Land Management Training Centre is located in Bakhundol, Dhulikhel Municipality of Kavrepalanchok district at about 30 kilometers east of Kathmandu. Its longitude and latitude are respectively 85020’11” E and 270 42’59”N. The educational environment is enhanced by the panoramic view, round the year moderate climate and its proximity to Kathmandu University. The training center has its own Administrative Building, Training Building, Library, Lab, Boys and Girls Hostel, Staff quarter, Canteen, Playground etc. The total area of the LMTC is about 2.9 Hectare.


In the history of Geomatics education in Nepal, formal education system was started with the establishment of Survey Training Center in 1968. Though several efforts have been made by other institutions before its establishment, mainly in the military sector, but were not recognized as the formal education. With the proliferation of Democracy in 1950 many steps towards formalization of individual’s right on land was conceived. That initiates removal of existing intermediaries system prevalent in the society in numerous modes. Main aim was to establish Raikar tenure system by abolishing communal, state and other tenure system.

Mile stone has been marked to that aim with the enactment of revolutionary Land reform program of 1964.Existing land records and documents were not sufficient to implement land ceiling, tenancy right, abolition of intermediaries and other achievements made by act. Scientific and systematic land records have been realized as a main instrument of Land Reform Program. While making discussion on the evolution of Geomatics education in Nepal, it is essential to know about the institutional development of land administration and surveying & mapping because surveying education incepted merely to support land administration in the beginning. Modern Institutional framework of LA was started with the establishment of Survey Development in 1957.

During early days surveying profession was leaded by the professional from military sector. For the effective implementation of Land reform program accurate land survey records based upon large scale cadastral maps were thought as an essential component. For getting that information systematic survey process was initiated which was regularized as per land survey and measurement act 1962. All those activities were for strengthening LA process. Grown up and fostering of levels, which are lacking to that days. Surveying organizations were rely upon few highly skilled manpower graduated from abroad and limited number of less skilled professionals with low academic profile and with simple survey trainings.

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